For Oregon race entry and other information, contact the Oregon Region SCCA office:

4800 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 110, Portland OR 97239
Phone: 503-224-9469; Fax: 503-224-9542; email:
The Oregon Region office off-season hours are: Tues and Thurs 10:00 am - 2:00 pmSmile
If you miss us, please email or leave a voice message & we'll contact you soon

 Northern Pacific Division Championship Rules          

If you're thinking about a Divisional Championship, click here to find out how to do it!

2015 Oregon Road Race Dates

We have a road race schedule for 2015!   All are at Portland International Raceway except as otherwise noted.

March 19-20  -  Competition Licensing School
March 21-22  -  Double Regional/Vintage
April 25-26 - Double Regional/Vintage
May 16-17  -  Double Regional/Vintage
May 23-25  -  SCCA Majors, Pacific Raceways (hosted by NW Region)
June 12-14  -  Rose Cup Regional
July 3-5  -  SCCA Majors with Formula Car Challenge
July 18-19 - Double Regional, The Ridge (hosted by NW Region)
August 8-9 - Double Regional, The Ridge (hosted by NW Region)
August 28-30  -  Triple Regional with GASS

SCCA Club Racing is your ticket to the ride of your life!

Whether you're a driver, crew member, or race worker, Club Racing in the SCCA is the best way for you to get real in the world of racing. Many of our competitors go on to climb the pro racing ladder, but most spend their racing lives enjoying the competition, learning, and fun of getting real fast with their friends right here in Oregon Region SCCA.

Oregon Region SCCA Racing School at PIR

General Info on getting an SCCA Racing License!

 And 2015 Teen Street Survival Schools

Sunday March 8 and Sunday October 18, at PIR
More details will follow as the dates near


September 21-27, 2015
Daytona Intl Speedway, Daytona Beach FL 

Rules for qualifying are posted here 

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Get your Oregon Region Club Racing lap times. Search on Oregon Region SCCA. Note: Lap times are taken at the timing line only and are not official results. Official "Club Race Results" (see side menu) reflect any changes made by Race Officials.