Bylaw and Policy Information About Oregon Region SCCA

Oregon Region SCCA Bylaws, Operating Policies, and Worker Incentive Program

Oregon Region, SCCA is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Oregon. Because we are a registered corporation, we have a set of bylaws that govern how we run the club.

We also have a set of operating policies that the Board of Directors uses to make sure that we're reasonably consistent in the way we run the club. The annual regional Club Racing awards are also detailed in this document.

Changes to the Bylaws require a vote of the membership of the club while Operating Policy changes require only a vote of the Board of Directors.

Additionally, Oregon Region provides a Worker Incentive Program to pay the SCCA membership dues of our most loyal Oregon Region race workers. All Club Racing specialty workers are eligible for this program. The rules and participation requirements for this benefit are set each year by the Board of Directors.

These documents are downloadable in PDF format:



Last Updated ( Friday, 11 March 2016 )