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History of Oregon Region SCCA

Oregon region, officially registered as Oregon region of the Sports Car Club of America, inc. Oregon region is a non profit corporation of the state of Oregon and is the local affiliate of Sports Car Club of America.

Jerry Grant and Dick Hahn in the car that won the first Rose Cup

Oregon Region was established in the 1960's and has grown to its present memberhip of over 1,200 members. The Region obtained its charter from SCCA in 1962. It is a member oriented, member operated club with the primary purpose of "promoting, maintaining and improving automobile sports and interest in the ownership, operation of, and safety of sports cars."

event dash plaques from the 50s and 60s

The roots of SCCA and Oregon Region run deep in racing history. The origin of SCCA can be traced back to the pre-World War II "Auto Racing Club of America" which disbanded because of World War II. Originally, the State of Oregon was included in the territory of Northwest Region, SCCA (NWR), and it remained that way until the official creation of Oregon Region in 1962.

Bob Mead stewards a race in the 60s

From its beginning, Oregon Region SCCA has been organizing and administering sports car/club racing events at Newport, Goshen (South of Eugene) and Portland's West Delta Park (now Portland International Raceway - PIR). The Region's first race was held at the Newport municipal airport (an ex-WWII air base) in 1962.

Oregon Region Today

Currently, Oregon Region has active programs in Club Racing, Vintage Racing, Road Rally,  Rallycross, and in Solo II, SCCA's autocross program where competitor's compete against the clock in a controlled atmosphere.

You don't need to be a race car driver to belong to Oregon Region SCCA. Oregon Region depends on its many race workers and volunteers to make our programs run. The most visible workers, Corner Workers can be seen on TV during many racing telecasts. Club Racing needs many other workers as well, performing jobs from Communications, Course Marshal, Emergency & Medical, Pit & Paddock, Pre-Grid, Race Chairman, Race Center (Driver Services), Registration, Tech Inspection, Sound Judge, Starter, Stewards, and Timing & Scoring.

Solo 2 competition also uses workers for Timing, Communications, Cone Replacement, Tech Inspection, and Grid.

Rallycross and Road Rally all use volunteer workers for check-points, crowd control, timing, emergency & EMT's, Ham Radio communications, press and rally organization.

We are happy to welcome new members to Oregon Region SCCA, whether you are a driver, worker, or race fan. You don't need to live in Oregon to join Oregon Region. We have many members that live outside of Oregon but belong to Oregon Region, and many more that belong to Oregon Region as a "Dual Member", that is they belong to more than one region.

For more information about joining Oregon Region, visit the Oregon Region Membership Page .

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